Mini Box of Love

Mini Box of Love


Five of our most popular loose leaf teas in packets for on the go.


-Osmanthus Oolong (Mokusei) 60g OR

-Apricot Rose 60g

-Lattea 60g OR

-Renseng Oolong 60g OR

-Japan Kyoho Grape Green tea (nano tin) & Muscat Hamburg Black Tea (nano tin) OR

- Japan Peach Black Tea  (nano tin) & Taiwan Peach Oolong Tea (nano tin)

- Rose Black Tea  (nano tin) & Pink Lemonade White Tea (nano tin)

-  Marron Glace Roasted Green tea  (nano tin) & Mint Oolong Tea (nano tin)

-Elephant Dream (nano tin) & Milk Oolong (nano tin)


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