Floral tin

Floral tin


Full tin of Herbal Infusion in our signature canister tin. (40~50g)


We has vigilantly chosen this fusion of organic herbs, to naturally support a healthy digestive function. The blend of organic herbs including fennel, aniseed and lemon balm offers therapeutic qualities. These organic herbs help support and repair the digestive system.



Chamomile was so popular it was called Alles Zutrut, meaning "capable of anything". With its pleasing sweet apple aroma, it has always been one of the world's most popular herbs.


Jasmine Flower

The organic jasmine flower has the unique scent & taste. It is beneficial to relieves stress, helps with weight loss and rich in anti-oxidant. 



Osmanthus, a yellow-gold flower grown in Southern China, has a uniquely sweet and buttery fragrance that makes it not only delicious to drink as a pure tea or part of a tea blend, but also great to create sweet desserts. Its melanin content and high concentrations of antioxidants may also serve to slow aging and the browning of foods



This remarkable plant intoxicates with a gentle lemony scent, reviving effect, and temperate seductive flavour – a bit lemony, a bit sweet and a bit herbal. 



Lavender Flower for a comforting and deliciously intriguing blend that promotes a sense of calm. 


Pink Rosebud

Organic Pink Rosebud is the flower tea with special aroma, It is beneficial to relaxing and sedative,rich in anti-oxidant, no artificial flavors.


Red Hibiscus

Refreshing, vitamin C rich hibiscus herbal infusion with awakening properties.


Moroccan Mint

Refreshing  mint herbal infusion with sweet notes


Butterfly Pea

help with memory enhancement, brain cognitive functions, stress management, blood sugar levels, depression, and sleep.


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