The Wellness Collection

The Wellness Collection


This range offers consumers with various natural functional tea with healing benefit. We put premium whole leaf teas in a style of tea bag designed to offer the optimum in flavour and convenience, no matter you would like serve in teapot at home or drinking cup at work.


Our box contains 14 premium whole leaf tea sachets. Each silken pyramid tea sachet is individually sealed in a foil pouch to retain the freshness of the tea.


Herbal Infusion

-Rosebud x 2 sachets

-Chamomile x 2 sachets

-Rose oolong x 2 sachets

-Osmanthus oolong x 2 sachets

-Gingseng oolong x 2 sachets

-Jasmine Tieguanyin x 2 sachets

-French Rose Black Tea x 2 sachets


About Our Innovative Tea Bag

Unique Pyramid Shape – Provides the largest volume for tea leaves to expand as they are infused.

Improved Circulation – The special mesh material allows water to easily circulate around and penetrate the tealeaves, thus provide optimum extraction of the flavors from the leaves.

Better Taste – Enjoy the great taste and aroma of our exotic premium loose tea blends.

Transparent – Watch the leaves unfurl as they expand and fill the transparent pyramid bag.

Convenience – Enjoy premium loose tea with the convenience of a tea bag.

No Staples – Traditional tea bag uses metal staples, which can oxidize and alter the tea flavors. Our pyramid bag uses hi-tech ultra-sound seal that allows you to enjoy the true and authentic aroma of a premium cup of tea.

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