Celebrate with Oolong

Chinese New Year is like Halloween plus Thanksgiving plus Christmas in one go — If you want to send something special to somebody that you care about, a Chinese New Year Tea gift can send the message that you care. This year, try to send your lobed one with a premium oolong set!

Oolong, in its original language, it translates to black dragon, its dark, greyish colour comes from the oxidation of tealeaves. The unique tasting notes of Oolong are the product of semi-oxidation, the oxidation process is paused manually before the leaves are considered fully oxidized. Its flavours lie somewhere in between green tea and black tea, offering astringent fragrant, yet smooth in texture. The production of Oolong tea includes, plucking, withering, oxidation, fixing, shaping, and drying and roasting; each step is essential to the making of Oolong tea. Two of the most well-known Oolong are Dahongpao and Milk Oolong (Jinxuan Oolong). Oolong teas are packed with anti-oxidants, which promote healthy skin, digestion, weight loss and strengthen immune system.

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