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Besides helping to ease the richness of this Mid Autumn indulgence, the right tea will also enhance

Sep 7, 2017

Much like wine and chocolate, tea and mooncakes have always been a classic combination.

This season, while you indulge in delicious mooncakes, pair it with a nice cup of tea to wash down the richness and clear your palate.

Here's our recommendation to drink with your mooncake:

Earl Grey (EARL GREY)

“Earl Grey is a full-bodied tea with a slightly sweet aftertaste that can complement the heaviness of the lotus seed paste and egg yolk mooncake,It also makes you feel less guilty since the tea helps your body to digest and remove excess oils.”

''One of the popular classics, Jasmine White tea is very aromatic but it also has a smooth body,Its light astringency helps to balance out the richness of the custard.”

“When the leaves are left to stew in the teapot, the tea develops a smooth texture,” says Leung. “Its bittersweet notes perfectly balance out the bitterness found in chocolate.”

“The tea’s complex taste of sweetness and subtle notes of almond counteract with the oil and rich flavor of the mooncake,due to the tea’s extremely dark colour, it’s best served in a dark red or orange cup.”

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