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Following in the Footsteps of a Departing Summer

Nov 11, 2016

It is not hard to come to notice that autumn is gradually making its way in with trees shedding its leaves and people putting on their autumnal clothes, hiding away their knees. Whilst sometimes when the sun started to emerge in the afternoon, leaving a warm beam of light on the shoulders of pedestrians, it is as if the summer is whispering lightly to the ears of people, bidding its fond and yet temporary farewell.

Summer is a season of sweetness and bloom, slowly pacing across the market, shops are hoarding piles of fresh fruits, the air surrounding the market is thus brewed into a hue of tropical colours and salivating sweetness. Placing a few slices of apple into a chilled ice tea, the tea is then being elevated to another superior level with a fruity hint and a drop of sweetness. Wherever, whenever, whatever, a nice cup of fruit tea always comes in handy; all the worries and stress go away with a sip, closing our eyes, bathing in the sweetness of tropical fruits and the sun blessed ambience.

In light of assisting guests who love the gleaming summer transiting to the brisk autumn, jrink introduces a luscious fruit tea range for the sweet tooth to follow in the footsteps of the departing summer.

Pineapple mimosa

Pineapple cubes and flakes make a big part of this blend of tea, the tea brewed comes with a shiny hint of gold, it gives an intense tropical scent which can eradicate any source of troubles and anxiety. Moreover, the tea also contains apples and marigold, which provides the tea with an anti-oxidation property. The tea has an intoxicating champagne aftertaste to it which will linger around the mouth extensively.

Caffeine level: None

Mango ginger

To no surprise, mango and ginger are the soul of the tea, they each contribute vastly in regard to the taste and healing properties. Fructose is luscious, and yet very healthy, it provides sweetness to the tea and counterbalance the spiciness of the ginger, giving the tea its irreplaceable texture with surprising kick. The stinging nettle leaves are also added in during the tea blending process, it helps the body drain away excess water, alleviating the symptom of edema. Besides, the ginger can stimulate stomach movement and facilitate digestion, suitable to be consumed after meal.

Caffeine level: None

Pome granate

To some people, pomegranate has a rather funky look and it is considerably difficult to isolate its flesh from the shell. However, good things come from hard work, pomegranate holds a high quantity of vitamin B, C and organic acid, it helps quenching the thirst of the body and improve skin complexion. White tea, being the base of the tea, it also holds a large amount of antioxidants, with which skin can benefit from its anti-aging property, leaving a spot and blemish free baby skin.

Caffeine level: Low

Sip Sip Hurray

The distinct tropical fruity scent of the tea comes from an extensive amount of dried papaya and pineapple cubes, the fruity yet slightly floral aroma of the tea makes it extremely soothing when the steam hits the nose. Papaya contains a very high quantity of vitamin C which is 48 times of that of apple, papaya can ease stomachache and stimulate digestive system. Pineapple, on the other hand, can help drain away excess water from the body. In addition, the tea base is black tea, black tea can refresh one’s mind and lower the blood cholesterol level. The sweetness of the fruit and tannins of the tea complement each other perfectly, creating a delectable silky texture on the tongue.

Caffeine level: Medium to High


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